Content Curation

Stargaze's rewards not only creators, but also rewards curators for discovering popular content.

Incentivized Quadratic Voting

Curation happens via an incentivized upvoting mechanism based on quadratic voting (QV). QV enables expressing intensity, so you can "like" something more than once. However, each subsequent "like" costs exponentially more. This makes votes a scarce resource, causing users to budget their votes, and giving more value to the curation process.

Curation / QV happens via a non-transferrable token called CREDITS. They are free daily tokens that are distributed to all registered Stargaze users (those that have been verified as being non-Sybil). They are only used for quadratic voting and any left over after 24 hours are burned. The amount of CREDITS a user gets a day is based on how much STARS they have staked on the network plus the amount held in reserves in their creator coin.

CREDITS=c+x+ykCREDITS = c + \frac{x+y}{k}

c = base amount of CREDITS every user starts with

x = amount of STARS the user has staked

y = amount of STARS in user's creator coin

k = a scaling constant

Based on QV, the amount of CREDITS for each vote grows quadratically:

1 upvote = 1 CREDITS

2 upvotes = 4 CREDITS

3 upvotes = 9 CREDITS

4 upvotes = 16 CREDITS

The quadratic property of voting makes each vote more expensive than the previous

For curation, CREDITS go in, and STARS come out as the reward, which feed into the bonding curve of each creator coin. Therefore, creator coins directly derive value from content creation and curation, and don't only have speculative value.