Content Creation

Content creators using Stargaze earn rewards when their posts are curated by other users. For example, if a user creates a highly engaging post on Stargaze that gets many upvotes, it causes the user's creator coin to increase in value. This is a bit like Universal Basic Income for content creation, or Universal Creative Income (UCI).

UCI rewards come from STARS inflation that is minted on each new block. Instead of all inflation going to validators for block rewards, half of it is set aside to reward content creators and curators.

Inflation funding

Reward pools hold the UCI for content creation and curation, a process that lasts 24 hours per post. After a the curation period, these rewards are distributed to those that participated in 50/50 creator/curator split. They are distributed into the bonding curve for the creator coin of each participant, increasing the price of each.

Native Posts are NFTs

Stargaze supports both native content and third party content. Native content are text posts that are posted to the Stargaze blockchain itself, represented as NFTs. Third party content is content from Twitter, OpenSea, and other platforms that are added via governance.

Native content (NFT) storage fees are paid in STARS, and paid out to validators that host the content. Half of the storage fee is burned, causing the value of STARS to increase as more content is posted on-chain. All native posts are NFTs and stored in an ERC-721 compatible format. NFT posts can be traded within the Cosmos ecosystem (via IBC) or Ethereum (via Gravity Bridge), once support is added.

The Stargaze blockchain only stores the hash of of third party content, not the content itself. Posting third party content on Stargaze gives them transparency, verifiability, and provenance that comes from being on a decentralized ledger. This content can be curated like native Stargaze content but cannot be minted as NFTs since they are not native to Stargaze.

Buy NFT to "Super Like"

For the first 24 hours after a native post is created, users have the option to buy the NFT. The post is priced on a bonding curve, starting at 0.1 STARS. This serves as kind of a "super like", with the buyers taking ownership of a limited editions of the NFT. After 24 hours, the bonding curve is merged into the curve for the author's creator coin, increasing its value. A 10% fee from NFT purchases are burned.

Clients (such as may choose to showcase NFT purchases in a user's profile or wallet as they represent content the user highly values.